To Blog or Not to Blog…

So I am blogging with the purpose to air my thoughts…Well, they may not exactly be MY thoughts…They are more than likely things I think God is telling me through His word, prayer, friends, church, and so on.  You get my point.  As I examine these thoughts I often have to re-think my own way of thinking…My own way of doing life…Hence the name of the blog.

So what am I thinking about lately?!  Well, mildew…Yes, I have been thinking about mildew…WHY?  So in my daily Bible reading have been reading in Leviticus, about God’s direction for mildew, skin disease, etc.  So I have been struck with the thought of exactly why would God care about mildew?  I mean seriously, we are talking about mildew.  Yes it is nasty and certainly it can be destructive, but seriously mildew?!  So why did God care to give the Israelites rules about mildew?  Here is where my brain goes…What exactly is mildew and what harm can it really cause besides staining things and even in bad cases destroying clothes.  There doesn’t appear to this lay person and no Hebrew scholar that there were Hebrew words for discriminating between mildew, mold, fungus.  I mean they all pretty much looked alike and there weren’t microscopes to say these look different to more than the naked eye.  So we know now that mold, mildew, fungus can cause LOTS of health issues…from allergies, to pneumonia, asthma, etc.  God was clearly helping the Israelites with health information they couldn’t otherwise know or understand.  God is saying stay away not because I am some distant God who doesn’t like the smell or look of mildew, but because I want my people to be healthy and strong.  I want to give them ways of determining if this is a bad kind of mold, mildew, etc or if it is something to just wash and call it good.  Seriously, think about how much of an advantage this would be for God’s chosen people!!!  God was saying I love you and I want to keep you healthy.  You don’t understand it now, but in the future others will see how I was taking care of you.

How true that is of us all…As children we don’t understand why we aren’t allowed to run in the street or touch the hot pan.  As pre-teens and teenagers we wonder why would my parents say I can’t date or why don’t they let me stay out late.  We so often don’t see the danger until we are in the middle of the fire…Hands charred, lungs damaged (sometimes for a life time).  I am praying for myself, my friends, my children, the kids at church that we can rest in knowing that God has put authority in our lives to protect us.  To give us a future and a hope.  We don’t always understand His rules or our boss’s rules or why our husbands don’t want us to do (fill in the blank).  But God knows.  He is using those things in our lives to protect us, keep us healthy, keep us safe, keep us in His perfect plan for us.  May I willingly and humbly submit to the authority in my life.  I may speak my opposition, I may respectfully ask why, but I have to lay my preference aside for His way of doing things.  Oh, what a way to live.  Oh what a God I serve!