The Budding Staff…

I already mentioned about Israel’s rebellion in Numbers 16.  When three men raised up a rebellion against God’s leaders.  Not only did God allow the earth to swallow them alive, but 250 more were killed with fire from heaven.  Then the next day 14,700 people died from a plague when they accused Moses and Aaron of killing God’s people.  So Moses and Aaron, God’s men, God’s chosen leaders of His people are in a tough place.  You would think that the Earth swallowing people, fire from heaven and a plague that killed 14,700 people would be enough to establish God’s chosen leaders.  (As a side note, Aaron was the one who stopped the plague by making atonement for the people who were rebelling against his authority).

However God does more.  If I were Aaron I could only think of the conflicting emotions coursing through me.  If I am to be in this leadership position, why are God’s people constantly rebelling?  I seriously have to risk my life to make atonement for these people who are rebelling against me?  Why did you pick me anyway God?  Are you sure God you want me?  Why don’t these people I am to lead just get out of my way and let me lead them?  Can you see the hard position he is in?  Can you feel his angst?  He had to be having some doubts and fears.  The fear of God and His mighty power certainly had to be in the back of his mind.  However in the midst of this victory of sorts, when Aaron’s enemies have be defeated by earthquake, fire, and plague, as Aaron may even be grieving the loss of these people, God verifies His choice of spiritual leader.

This takes place in Numbers 17.  I can almost hear the irony in Moses’ voice as he tells each tribal leader to bring his staff to the Tent of Meeting.  Included in the staffs is Aaron’s staff.  So they leave the staffs in the Tent of Meeting in front of the “Testimony” or ark of the covenant.  God says the man whom I choose as Spiritual leader, his staff will sprout so that the grumbling about who is in charge will come to an end.  The amazing thing is Aaron’s staff not only sprouts and buds, but it flowers and produces almonds.  God established His chosen leader.  So do you think that God will not do the same now?  God confirms and establishes His leader in churches, ministries, homes.  I am praying that if you are a leader that you will be encouraged.  I am praying also that you will be a good follower.  That you will honor and respect the authority that God has put in  your life.  God doesn’t put an authority there to lord it over you, but to guide and direct you closer to Him.

May I bloom where He asks me to bloom and may I fertilize and encourage those leaders I am to follow.