Freedom in Christ…

So a sweet friend of mine posted on her facebook page the following question:

Are you Free in Jesus Christ? If you are – how did you get there? If not – why are you not there?

Here is an expanded version of my answer to my sweet friend.  By the way, I LOVE it when my brothers and sisters in Christ ask me questions to ponder about Him!

Positionally I am free! When I accepted Jesus as my savior, I was set free from being a slave to sin and death.  Col 2:13-15  However sometimes those old shackles of sin are comfortable. They are what I am used to, they are sickeningly my friends.  Sometimes they are my excuse. I can’t because what will people think, I can’t because I mess up too often. I can’t because I’m not smart enough, pretty enough, whatever enough. I can’t because I know I will mess up and then what will people say.  Sometimes they are my vices, my sin, my mistakes that I think disqualify me from God’s grace or mercy or even His desire to use me.  Sometimes they are just the things I want to do or I think are important, but are not God’s BEST for me.  Sometimes they are my selfish desires and they keep me locked away from God.  Locked away from being used to reach others.  James 4:17

However when I read and dwell on His word, when I confess sin, when I allow God to direct my thinking. 2Cor 10:5  Phil 4:8  His truth can be lived out as freedom in my life. Why? Because my security is in my savior who loves me unconditionally who died for me who has a plan and purpose for my life that will have eternal significance! I Cor. 15:3-4, John 10:10, Jer 29:11,  That means I have purpose every day I have something God intends me to do or say that will matter for all eternity.  That means that God has equipped and prepared me to accomplish His will.  IPet 4:10  That also means that I have value because God chose me, God equips me, God LOVES me…

So, positionally I am free. That work was done of the cross.  Romans 6:18  However daily,let’s be honest, this can be a minute by minute choice I must choose between the chains or the freedom that comes from an intimate relationship with Him. through His word, through prayer, through praise, through fasting, through serving Him in all I say and do. Oh that battle that wages in me that battle not against flesh and blood but against those spiritual forces of darkness. Eph 6:12  Praise God He equips us for the battle!  Eph 6:10-18  Praise God the One who is in me is greater than the one who is in the world!  I John 4:4