Have you ever thought, “God, You want ME to do THAT?!  I mean seriously, God isn’t there something bigger, greater, better for me to do?  You really mean for those other people to do that, not me.  I’m in management.”  How often have you walked away from an opportunity God has placed before you because it wasn’t how you planned it.  You deserve better so why should God call you to help clean up trash or wash dishes or mow lawns or sweep floors.  You have gifts.

It reminds me of Naaman the commander of King Aram’s army.  You can find this story in 2Kings 5.  He was a leper and desperate for healing.  You know leprosy that skin disease that could eventually get to the point where your skin is literally falling off your muscle and bones.  This powerful man couldn’t do anything to heal himself, he was most likely desperate.  I am guessing he tried every herbal remedy, diet change, and medicine that was available to him.  He was important to King Aram so I am sure he provided him with all the means necessary to try to rid himself of this disease, but it hadn’t worked.  He may have even felt hopeless.  We don’t know, but wouldn’t you?  What we do know is that he was willing to listen to his young Israelite slave girl he had kidnapped during one of the raids on Israel.  She told him about Elisha, the prophet in Samaria who could heal him.  So he talks to King Aram saddles up with lots of gifts and heads out to find this prophet.  When Elisha doesn’t even come to meet him, but sends a servant out with a message, Naaman is offended.  In fact in the message he is told to wash seven times in the Jordan River.  So know he is more than offended, he is ANGRY!  ME, Naaman, commander of King Aram’s army, wash in the dirty stinky old Jordan?  You have to be kidding me!  However once he submits he is healed!

What are we refusing to do in our lives that may allow healing to flow?  What are our Jordans?  Are there people we need to forgive?  Is it just having that servant spirit like Jesus and meeting peoples needs right where they are?  What healing may flow to us if we humble ourselves and submit to God’s direction even when it seems like a little thing?  What may God be preparing us for if we are faithful in the little things?

Oh Father God, may I be willing to lay down my best laid plans and be a servant like Jesus.  Lord help me to follow Your plans for my life even if it means washing feet.  Lord may I walk in humility with You and serve others as You did.  May I lay down my pride, and be willing to bathe in my Jordan so that You can fully heal my life from the disease of sin.  Father thank You for Your Son’s sacrifice and example.  Please, make me more like Him.