Dressing Rooms

I have a confession. I don’t like shopping for clothes. In fact if I could afford a personal shopper who was my

Didn't fit right 🙁

exact size and shape, so I never had to step into a dressing room again, I would be a happy woman. I realize this may seem strange since I am a female, but it is true. I step into that room filled with hope and excitement over how great the clothes I chose will look. I can picture myself looking smaller in the right places and…well, curvy in the right places. However, I generally step out with low self-esteem and frustration that “they” don’t make clothes that fit me right.

Is that sometimes true of your expectations of God? You start thinking, I am excited about what God has planned to show me today. However God has you reading Job and the difficult things he went through as a righteous man. It is easy to think, this doesn’t fit. I wanted something upbeat like “no weapons formed against you will stand.” Instead God is leading you to “though He slay me, yet again I will hope in Him.”  You leave God’s word frustrated and confused.  It doesn’t fit.  So you feel God’s word doesn’t work, or doesn’t fit for you.  I have been there.  I have come to the feast of God’s word only to not exactly “like” what I found.  However God has hard lessons for me to learn.  Lessons about His faithfulness through the difficult times and about how His ways are much higher than mine.  Oh, that I will NOT walk away from those hard lessons and harden my heart, but that I will have a teachable spirit.

Lord give us today teachable spirits as we read your word.  That we can know You more intimately.

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