You are NOT Alone

Are you having difficulty conceiving a child?  Are you struggling with grief, isolation, and pain?  Is your faith being shaken?  Well sister, here is a place for you to come.

I am writing this blog in the middle of my journey.  I call it the middle because I although God has blessed my husband and I with children, I still want more.  However, we have no more embryos in which to do in-vitro fertilization. IVF was necessary for two of my three children.  My husband, my children, and I do not feel able to go through that process again.  The excitement of possibility, the joy of holding a child, the pain of loss, are too much for us to try again.  Not to mention the horrible hormones.  The hardest part for me was having part of my heart in a freezer for four years.  Those precious embryos were my babies, whether I got to hold them in my arms or not.  I was nearly giddy the day I finally got to take those last three embies home.  Although I did not get pregnant with that cycle, and lost those three babies, I was so excited to take them home.

This blog will be about things I have learned through God on this journey.  I am still in the middle of waiting for God’s hand.  Waiting for Him to change my heart, make a miracle in my body, or place a baby that needs to be adopted on my doorstep.  Come with me.  Ask me questions, ask God questions.  Let’s do this together!

I’ll post my complete story shortly.



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