Fertility Treatments and God

Since I lost the ability to conceive naturally, my logical conclusion was that God wanted my husband and I to adopt.  I had often thought of adopting.  I had some adopted friends.  I thought that was the answer.  We, my husband and I were going to adopt.  I just never really thought to talk to my husband.  You know the head of the house?  The would-be father of said adopted child/children.  I honestly never gave it a second thought, until the night I was looking at children who needed to be adopted on the state’s website.

I asked my husband if he thought we should adopt a baby or an older child who needed a home.  I soon discovered my husband had not heard from God on the whole adoption thing.  He was not ready to consider adoption at all.  (Let me say that both my husband and I agree that adoption is a great option, it was just not the direction God was leading us)  So, I gulped.  I looked shocked.  I even cried.  Then I had to swallow my pride.  You see, in my naive youth, I had said something like: “I just don’t understand why anyone would use fertility treatments when there are so many children who need to be adopted.”

So I began researching fertility treatments.  Since my fallopian tubes where pretty much shot, my only option was in-vitro fertilization (IVF).  So I prayed for wisdom.  I talked with my husband.  We prayed for direction and we made an appointment to discuss IVF with a doctor.

1.  I know and believe that God’s word teaches life begins at conception.  (Exodus 21:22-25)

2.  I believe that “selective reduction” is not an option since a baby is a baby regardless if the baby is only two cells or thousands of cells.

3.  We decided before hand that we would transfer ALL the embryos created that survived to a stage that they could be transferred.

I will share the rest of our IVF journey in future posts.  What I would like to do now is open this up for discussion.  What do you all think about fertility treatments and your Christian faith.  What types of questions or concerns do you have regarding this technology?  What do you think?