Timing is Everything

Have you ever looked back over a day or a month or a year and been in awe of God’s perfect timing? How He orchestrates our lives with such minute detail? Have you ever wondered what would have happened if – I was earlier, later, or went a different direction? Maybe things would be different, but most likely God planned it that way. He planned what seemed like random chance. He set in motion what seemed chaos, but turned into something amazing. Psalm 75:2 says, “You [God] say, ‘I choose the appointed time; it is I who judge uprightly.'” God appoints the time. Let’s see how I experienced this in my life.

Last week I was at the Proverbs 31 ministries She Speaks conference. It is a conference for Christian women who feel called to speak, write, or lead in women’s ministry in some capacity. There I had the opportunity to meet with publishers, writing experts, and even a literary agent. I was only guaranteed one appointment. So I carefully and prayerfully chose three people with whom I wanted to meet. I was pleased to find I had appointments with my top two choices. However, I soon discovered that I could ask to meet with other publishers, if there were available appointments. My heart thrilled, but I hated rocking the boat. I watched Sheila, the sweet woman in charge of publisher appointments, running to and fro. I almost didn’t ask. However God was prompting me. So I asked, and waited patiently as Sheila double checked with the publisher if I could take the final slot of the day. The sweet publisher agreed to meet me at 7:45 PM.

So I met with the publisher. She liked my proposal, gave great ideas to make it better, and was not on time. So I ended up thirty minutes late to my peer writing critique group. Once again I had a decision to make. Do I boldly find someone to help me figure out how to get my writing critiqued, or do I just call it a wash and go back to my hotel room? Once again God stepped in and a friend helped me find Julie. She was in charge of the critique groups and because my appointment went late, she critiqued my article. That is important because she mentioned my article to the editor of the Proverbs 31 Woman magazine, Glynnis. Glynnis told me, (through Julie), to submit my article to their magazine for possible publication. It was God’s perfect timing. Only He could orchestrate that day so perfectly. Only He could turn a disaster (being 30 minutes late to a peer critique) into something encouraging. Only He could embolden me to “rock the boat” to set this chain reaction into motion. Only God.

The next time you are running late or someone is making you late, look to God. He knows. He is orchestrating your day for His purpose. Give your frustration, your anxiety, your anger to God. Rest in knowing He knows and has plans for you, even when you are late. You never know what God is setting in motion.

How has God surprised you with His timing? Tell me about it.

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