Is it Really THAT Bad?!

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I admit it is easy for me to think much like the Pharisees (Luke 8:10-14), I am glad I am not like that sinner. I mean, I haven’t killed anyone, I have stayed faithful to my marriage vows, and I don’t get high on wine, much less illicit drugs. I have this Christianity stuff down pat. In fact, I came to Christ at the age of seven. So I only needed a little saving. Right? I mean does fighting with my parents really hold the same sin weight as say being addicted to pornography? I know, I know James 2:10 says, “For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles in one point, he has become guilty of all.” Really? How is gossiping the same as murder? How is murder the same as envy? So lately I have been wrestling with this issue.

There are several places in the new testament where a list of sinful behaviors and attitudes are listed. Most of what we consider “big” sins are on the list, but with nearly each list contains things like greed, envy, gossip – right next to adultery and drunkards. Yes there are difference consequences for each sin, but envy, gossip, and greed will keep you out of heaven just the same as pornography. Each of these sins have pride and selfishness at their roots. Pride that I can do things my way, I don’t have to do them God’s way. Pride that I deserve more and better. Pride that I want what she or he has. As we get more and more comfortable in our pride, we get sucked in and immune to the sin that is entangling us. We begin to think we can rank sin and be thankful that we are not like that sinner, yet we have enough sin in our hearts to drag us to the pit of hell.

So yes, if we are having trouble submitting to authority, honoring others, coveting what others have, it IS that BAD! It is the foothold Satan wants in our lives to entrap us in sin. Sin always holds us tighter and carries us farther than we ever imagined. Oh friends, let us not poo-poo our gossip sessions, or our “white” lies. It is sin! It is dangerous and it will separate us from God.

Christ had to die for those sins as well as the “big” sins. Let us never forget how desperately diseased we were before we accepted Christ. Let us stay grateful for all that Jesus has done for us and let us not let those “little” sins separate us from God.

Father, forgive me for entertaining “little” sins in my life and justifying it by comparing myself to others. Forgive me for my pride that prevents me to submit to You, the God who loves me, knows me, and has wonderful plans for me. Help me to lay down my pride and submit to You. Thank You for sending Your Son Jesus to die for a desperately and hopelessly lost sinner, like me. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.