Finding Joy…

Dreams deferred often equates to joy deferred. During this IF journey, I have often struggled with finding joy in today. I am fixed on joy when I finally get a baby, instead of joy today. So in the process of finding joy today, I want us all to think of things we are grateful for now in the midst of our longing. Here is the beginning of my list…

1. I have a husband who doesn’t understand and says hurtful things sometimes, but loves me. He grieves with me even when he doesn’t understand my grief.

2. I have friends around me that support me even if they don’t understand the depth of my pain.

3. I have parents and sisters who love me through the journey and have supported all my husband and my decisions.

4. I have a God who walks this road with me. He keeps my tears in a bottle.

5. I have a God who listens as I call out to Him.

6. I have a God who asks me to trust Him with my longing. He is trustworthy.

Ok, so what are some of the things you are grateful for during this journey? Let me know. I’d love to praise God with you.