The End is Near Part 1

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“Almost there,” inwardly I cheer myself on as I near the end of my run. “This is the end, I can do it.”

Now don’t go thinking I run a marathon or anything. I have only recently began running again and towards the end of two miles I have to convince myself that I can make it to the end. As I am working out I love the cues that I am nearing the end. As long as I know it is just around the bend or near that next tree, then I know I can make it. When it comes to life, knowing that the end could be around the corner awakens me from the mind numbing monotony of day-to-day life. If I am not careful, I let dishes, laundry, bills, screaming kids, things that break get in the way of truly living life. Recently while reading 1 Peter, I was reminded that, “The end of all things is near.” 1 Peter 4:7

This is Peter’s wake-up call to us all.

His encouragement to end strong.

His call to arms.

Then he lays out instructions for what we are to do in view of the end. The end of all things. Now I realize this end was promised nearly 2,000 years ago. That doesn’t seem very “near” in our human understanding. The point is are you ready for the end? I want to be. I need to be. So I am going to hunker down in 1 Peter for a while. In the next four or so posts, we will look at what we are called to do in view of the end.

Oh Heavenly Father, thank You that You do not want us living in mind numbing monotony. Thank You that You have plans for us. Forgive us Lord, for living on auto-pilot not allowing You to change us. Help us Lord to live with the end in view. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.