1,000 Gifts Continued…

Here are some more things I am grateful for….

26. for my husband who encourages me
27. for the cooler fall weather
28. for the smell of smoke from burning leaves
29. for football (yes I am one of those girls)
30. that God does not leave us alone, but that He transforms us
31. for friends who are willing to let God use the hard things in their lives to bless othersI have the best husband ever!
32. for wind in my face as I ran this morning
33. for the sound of my feet hitting the pavement as I ran
34. for the little voice from the stroller I pushed as I ran asking me to get his finger
35. for a shower after the run
36. for my husband who is truly my best friend
37. for the opportunity to encourage others in their faith journey
38. for the beautiful flowers my husband brought home nearly two weeks ago that are still beautiful
39. that though I am broken, God uses me..He probably uses me because I am broken
40. for my parents who love God and passed that love to me
41. for my sisters and brother, I would not be who I am today if it weren’t for you all. I love you guys!
42. for college basketball (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!)
43. for my van with the month’s supply of cheerios crushed into the floor boards, the broken CD player, and the chipped paint above the windshield, it gets us around and it is paid for. (I finally vacuumed it out yesterday!)
44. for being debt free (except in the debt of love)
45. for God’s amazing sovereign hand in all the twists and turns in life.
46. for God’s faithfulness, He always keeps His word!
47. that God will avenge or stick up for me, I don’t have to do it myself. I just have to trust Him.
48. for the promise of heaven
49. for guidance and direction from God
50. for God’s calling that it stretches me and grows me.

What are you thankful for?