Today was one of those brilliantly sunny winter days. The kind where the snow has mostly melted, but it still reflected the sun and made it seem ten times brighter than it does in the summer. This sun was particularly bright when my sweet two-year-old and I made our way to the post office.

“I put my eyeballs on you shoulda mama,” his voice chirped as I pried him from his car-seat.

I couldn’t believe what I had heard so asked my two year-old a profound question, “What?!”

“I put my eyeballs on you shoulda,” I could hear him smile as he spoke.

Then he buried his head, face  first into my shoulder.

The sun was too bright for his precious eyes and he found refuge in my “shoulda” or shoulder for those of you not yet fluent in two-year-old-ese. I nearly burst out laughing, but decided it best not to make a scene at the post office. 😉

Do you have someone you can put your eyeballs on when the sun is too bright? Write them a note or give them a call so they know how much you appreciate their support.

I would love to hear your eyeball stories! Leave a comment.