1,000 Gifts Continued…

When I truly practice gratefulness to God, I see life differently. My negative, hormonal attitude gets turned around. I can see God again. Giving me more than I could ever remember and more than I ever think to be thankful for.

Father God, please keep giving me grateful eyes that I will not take for granted all that You do for me. In Jesus’ name Amen.

101. for God’s amazing plan through simple obedience
102. for special times with special friends
103. for God’s perfect provision for our family
104. for snow in Arkansas
105. for a fun snow day with my precious blessings
106. for grace given by those same blessings to their fallible mommy
107. for seeing those blessings grow in treating each other with honor
108. for simple lessons like always check your answers on an open book test that 7 year-olds must be taught
109. for wisdom to teach simple lessons in a grace-filled way
110. for a warm fire on cold nights
111. for Vanilla-Caramel creamer for my cup of warm Joe
112. for sisters who offer grace when I forget to call them back
113. for the little things that matter for eternity
114. for the beautiful flowers my husband brought home on Monday
115. for my rolling Department of Health Violation vehicle (I actually vacuumed it today)
116. for large trash cans near those places to vacuum out vehicles
117. for imagination (I can only guess what those guys thought of how much junk I was removing from my van)
118. for large trash cans near gas pumps (I actually started the clean-up work there and the guy on the other side of the pump gave me a strange look)
119. for others watching, wondering what they must think keeps me laughing
120. for weathered hands, they tell the story of their owner’s life
121. for the smell of Prince Albert tobacco (in a can) it reminds me of my Granddaddy
122. for knowing Mark Garner (a friend who died 13 years ago, but knowing him changed me)
123. for the fifth and sixth graders at our church. They challenge me and sometimes frustrate me, but mostly I am in awe of their growing faith.
124. for my husband who dreams big dreams with me and supports me through them
125. for notes written by little hands that can only be read by little eyes.