Gray Day

Dr. Seuss wrote a book before he died titled My Many Colored Days. He describes how on different days he feels different. Well, today is a gray day. “Gray day…Everything is gray. I watch, but nothing moves today.”

It is cool overcast winter day. The kind of day that the clouds look more like they are the sky and there is no blue beyond. The grass is damp, the air feels like a garment that envelops you as you walk outside. Just plain gray. The world seems to pause. The trees stand bolt upright, barely allowing what is left of their leaves to rustle in the breeze. It seems like it is a waiting day. A day that nothing is happening but gloom and heaviness. Even the clouds seem heavy with moisture.

On a day like today I am reminded that God can give us a “garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair…” (Isa 61:3). So today despite the gray-ness around me, I choose the garment of praise. I am going to praise God for who He is: Faithful, True, Just, Merciful, Graceful, Loving, AWESOME, Holy, Worthy, Forgiver of Sins, Healer, Almighty, All-Knowing, Amazing…What are you going to praise God for?