1,000 Gifts Continued…

Yesterday I woke up in pain. Long story, but I got kicked (purely accidental) hard in the head while I was sleeping. So I ended up with essentially whip lash…I have had it twice due to car crashes…This kick brought it back. So I stood in our church service and felt like I may vomit because of the pain. My head swam as we sang praises to God. My heart tried to tell me I was being a hypocrite. Praising God when I felt terrible. That lie woke me up. The truth is that God is who He is no matter my circumstances. So it is with thanking God. We often don’t “feel it.” However when we thank God for who He is and what He has done for us. In the process of praising and thanking Him, the lie our hearts are telling us is exposed. So here is my list for this week…

151. Jazz music
152. Reminder of how new love feels
153. Wisdom of tried love and deeper feelings that go with it.
154. Three little voices in raised in harmony while playing together
155. Unseasonably warm weather
156. A stomach bug that started and ended at one
157. Fellow travelers on this journey of grace working through honest questions with me
158. Learning the role of mentor
159. Learning the role of mentee
160. The joy of song
161. Lessons learned through tears
162. My husband’s leadership
163. Time for my husband and I alone
164. Phones to stay close to my family
165. God who gives grace I am desperately in need of
166. For friends who encourage
167. For smiles on little faces
168. For longing for more smiles
169. For God’s perfect plan
170. For truth to tell our hearts when they try to deceive us
171. For electricity
172. My husband who takes care of me when I hurt
173. For discovering God’s word is true meat and bread for my soul.
174. For books that give applicable wisdom.
175. For heating pads, warm baths, and massages for crazy muscle pain.

What are you grateful for?