Best Laid Plans…

We had a snow/ice day yesterday in my house. All three kids home from school. Me unable to do most of what I planned on doing. Here is a brief synopsis of my day…

1. Got to sleep in a bit! YEAH

2. During lunch I decided to put bowls out to catch snow (the sleet had stopped and snow was finally falling) so we could make snow ice cream. I went outside without my coat and in slippers. I completely wiped out…Bowls flew, slippers flew, I landed on my rear. Hard. After determining I hadn’t broken anything, I went to find my slippers. I had to stand barefooted in the ice and walk a few feet to get back into my slippers and pick up the bowls. By the way, all that work was for NOTHING. It didn’t snow enough for ice cream. Oh and only my pride was injured except for being really sore today.

3. During nap-time I did a vlog to post for today. However YouTube still says it has a “unknown error” and I have been unable to upload it.

4. J started croupy coughing during nap (while I was working with YouTube)…I still had medicine from last time he had croup to give him, but needed steroids called in. So called his doctor, called my sweet husband. Doctor called back, meds called in…Called hubby to pick up meds. He had only a slightly rough night and seems to be doing pretty well. Praise God!

5. As soon as I was off the phone, I heard a loud crash outside…I didn’t even have to look, I knew. Someone had slid on the ice and into our fence. When I looked outside there was an SUV stuck in our fence because the ground was too soft or slick or something to get out. They were stuck…Husband came home. The wreckers were busy with another wreck, so we invited driver, his pregnant wife, and his mom who came to pick them up in case their car was not drivable once it was unstuck into our house to stay warm. L helped keep them entertained. No one was injured.

6. When the wrecker came, we discovered they had knocked over a gas meter. The wrecker guy called 911, we called the gas company. We never lost gas at our house amazingly enough. (God is good isn’t He?) At one point we had four vehicles with flashing lights outside our house. The gas company, the wrecker, the fire department, and the police. The guy who hit our fence called the police to file a report and the police originally went to the wrong address. In fact he could have left before the police got there, but he was an honest man and stayed around to make sure the report was filed. Praise God! The kicker?! The gas company guys spent hours outside with floodlights and backhoes fixing the meter. Did I mention it is COLD outside?

Therefore, all my plans to have a great vlog for you all never materialized. However it made for a great story…And a great reminder that God hears our prayers. Psalm 18:6 “In my distress I called to the LORD; I cried to my God for help. From his temple he heard my voice; my cry came before him, into his ears.”

How has this crazy weather affected you? Can’t wait to find out!

I tried to insert a picture of the fence and I can’t. I tried to add tags to this post and I can’t. I may go back to bed and try again! 😉 Blessing to you all…

I restarted my computer…Now there is a picture! WOOHOO!!! God is good even when I can’t tag or insert a picture! 😉

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