My Sister…My Twin Sister.

35 years ago today, my twin sister and I were born! Yes I am that young 😉

I decided to celebrate with a photo montage of my sister and I. In most of the pictures I am on the LEFT (don’t know why I am younger by four minutes).

We have great stories of knocking my moms car into neutral and so the car backed down the driveway and hit the curb across the street. Together we were unstoppable. We did fight like cats and dogs, but nobody else was allowed to say anything bad about each other. My sister was my protector. She was so good at tennis, basketball, diving, gymnastics, etc. I was so proud of her! She saw the best and the worst (too often the worst) of me and still stuck up for me!

Thank you Heather for putting up with me!

How about you? You may not have a twin, but a sibling, a friend who was there through it all? I would LOVE to hear about it.