Not My Will…


I am writing a seven-day devotional for the fifth and sixth graders at my church. The theme of the devotional is walking with Jesus through His death and resurrection. It is taking all my time and my brain cells. (Seriously I just misspelled brain).

So if you would stop and pray for me as I finish up this whirl-wind project and prepare a talk for the same group of kids by Wednesday. Yes, I said Wednesday as in tomorrow.

No, not ideal in that I-would-prefer-more-time type of ideal. But I firmly believe this project is not my will, but God’s. So pray that first and foremost God is glorified and that what I am writing will bring these kids into a deeper more intimate walk with Him who loves us so much. Secondly I pray that God will use my talk will to encourage, exhort, and fan the flame of the Spirit in their lives so that they will actually complete the devotional I am writing. Finally I pray with Jesus, not my will, but Yours be done.

Here is my Tuesday List of what God is doing in my life:

1. Using friends to critique, encourage, exhort, support, pray (and all at times I desperately needed it)
2. Opening my mind to new opportunities and possibilities I never knew where available
3. He is giving my husband and I a vision for our family, I love it when He works together in us.

I appreciate your prayers and would love to know what you have added to your God-list this past week. What is He doing in your lives? I can’t wait to hear!