This Saturday…

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Do you wonder on the Saturday after the cross, what Satan was thinking?

Was he rejoicing over his conquest? Were he and his demons harassing the disciples and other followers of Jesus? Was he calling it his victory? Did he know yet exactly what Christ had done on the cross?

The disciples, Christ’s followers, his own mother..were they grieving, lost, confused? Did grief, anger, fear begin to take hold? Is that why they hide? Do they talk about Jesus’ strange words? Or are they paralyzed by physical circumstances?

This side of the resurrection it is difficult to understand how they could miss it. Oh, but I miss God’s hand working daily. I miss seeing Him orchestrate situations and I call them random or happenstance or odd.

As I wait for God to fulfill promises in my life, I feel like I am dying. IT IS TOO HARD TO WAIT! Oh but I have the promise, I have the Holy Spirit inside, I am not abandoned. I am redeemed. The disciples didn’t understand, they didn’t have the Holy Spirit yet.

Scripture doesn’t tell us much about what happened on that Saturday. So we can only speculate about what they felt or did. How should we keep this day? It is the day pregnant with waiting, grieving, and confusion. It is a day that we often live out when our worlds turn upside-down. We however know that Sunday is coming. Jesus is resurrected. So when we experience days like this one, we know that we have hope in what is to come.

What does this Saturday cause you to think about? What do you do in days of waiting, confusion, and grief? How does knowing that Jesus rose again change the way you wait?

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