The Day After Easter


Do you ever wonder what the day after Easter was like? The mountain top experience Jesus is alive, but do you wonder if the disciples doubt? Did Thomas’ doubts take seed in the others who saw Jesus? Did they begin to think maybe it was something we all ate? I wonder.

I know I am apt to doubt and question. God calls me to do something and it isn’t as easy or fun or whatever that I think it should be, so I wonder if I heard right.

Oh but Jesus made sure the disciples knew it was Him. In fact He spent forty days on Earth before ascending to heaven. He appeared to the disciples and large groups of people. He was making sure everyone knew He was alive.

The same is true today. We do not have to doubt God’s call on our lives. If it is truly His call, He will confirm it. Often He doesn’t confirm it in the way we think He will, but He will confirm the call.

Today the day after Easter, I don’t have to doubt my Savior. He is RISEN INDEED. He is victorious over sin and death and hell. And He the God of all creation has a plan for our lives, mine and yours. Doubt it? I wouldn’t.

So here begins my list of things to thank God for:

402. My first give-away was a success thanks to all who joined in…

403. I am thankful for my first winner chosen with a Random Name Selector:

Caroline! Congratulations!!! Winner of $25 Amazon Gift Card

Please e-mail me with the e-mail address you want me to send your gift card to. 😉

404. My new blog design

405. Jesus’ sacrifice

406. My L gave her life to Christ on Easter

407. Chubby hands on my cheeks

408. Laughter

409. My husband finished his test

410. My E turned 8 and is getting to be such a big girl

411. Ear piercing date with my big girl

412. Two lost teeth in one week (for E not me 😉 )

413. My husband who believes in me

414. My J whose smile lights a room

415. Rolling thunder

416. The sound of little feet coming to get me

417. Attempting to make homemade yogurt

418. Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

419. Singing Praises at church on Easter Sunday

420. Sound of rain

421. Smell of rain

422. Sun peeking through the clouds

423. Wonderful teachers

424. Encouraging words

425. beauty in the mess

426. Grace

What are you thankful for?