It’s a God Thing…

“That’s a better present than my American Girl Doll,” my eight-year-old beamed.

Her birthday landed on Easter Sunday this year and she received many gifts. She got her ears pierced, some new earrings, a new American Girl Doll, and even a new dress. But her best gift started last week.

E, my eight-year-old, goes to a Christian school and every day each teacher asks her students for prayer requests. One day last week, E asked her class to pray for her little sister, L. E was not specific in her request. She just asked them to pray for L. Later that day E wrote about her prayer request in her journal. She wrote that she was praying for L to become a Christian.

Fast forward to the Saturday night before Easter. L told me she was ready to give her heart to Jesus. We talked about what that meant and she seemed to understand. I told her if she was ready, on Sunday during church we could walk up front and pray with our children’s pastor. (Don’t get me wrong, we could have prayed right there, but I wanted to make sure she was serious. If she was willing to walk in front of a church with lots of people watching, my husband and I would feel more confident about her decision)

During the Easter service L walked the aisle and prayed to receive Jesus as her Savior. Praise God, He answered many prayers from my husband and I. Most importantly E’s prayer was answered and on her birthday. L’s decision became E’s best birthday present this year. Isn’t God good?

What is God doing in your life? How has He shown up in your life lately? Please join in and let me know. I can’t wait to hear.

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