Keeping Vigil

Vigil to watch, to awaken, to arouse…purposeful intentional watchfulness for something that is about to happen.

Marsha Ford spoke on Friday night at our ladies retreat about keeping vigil. That God keeps vigil over us, but that we are to keep vigil for God, to honor Him so that generations to come may also know Him. Marsha discussed taking time to remember what God is doing in our lives. She mentioned a time set apart maybe even an extended period of time. In which we turn off our cell phones, shut our doors and do business with God. Oh, I agree that I need some extended time with God maybe even monthly. However I want to live a life of vigil keeping. Watching, arousing myself to what God is doing in my life on a daily business.

Isn’t that what we are doing on Tuesdays right here? Training our minds to see God’s hand in our lives on a weekly basis. Seeking what He is doing…Watching for His direction, His intercession, His perfect plan. We are keeping vigil so that we can record His deeds and tell others what He is doing specifically in our lives.

God is setting up some divine appointments.

Divine connections are taking place. I do not know where these connections will lead, but I know they are God appointed.

Doors of opportunity are opening as I tell others what I am doing. Tools and resources are becoming available as I share where God is directing my steps.

(in) has accepted another guest post that I have written. I will find out soon when they will post it.

What is God doing in your life? Share with me! I can’t wait to hear!