Accidents, Snakes, and Spiders


Yesterday was quite the day.

My little man decided he wanted to wear underwear, but not go to the potty. I am sure you can imagine the issue. He did inform me that he didn’t want to go poo-poo and so he didn’t. I am not sure what that means for his teachers at school today.

Then I found a snake on my pool cover in the back yard. It looked like a large worm, but was clearly a snake. Little man told me that snakes would kill us. He wasn’t much help. I don’t like snakes, but I also don’t want my kids around snakes while they are playing in the back yard. So I got a jar and caught the snake in the jar….I had no further plans, but something inside me would not let me kill it out right. Don’t ask me why. So I got a nail and poked a few small holes in the jar lid. Then I set the jar outside to keep the snake warm. The snake was much happier. He (or she I couldn’t tell) stretched out and was more active. I did my good deed – sort of. Later that night, after picking my girls up from school and running some errands, I went outside to show the snake to my girls. The snake was dead. Yep, I killed it, either it was too hot, or I didn’t poke enough breathing holes in the jar, or something. It was stiff. So not only did I freak my girls out that there was a snake, I freaked them out with a dead snake. Great mommy moment.

Oh, but the day is not done yet. I get my sweet children in bed and I am settling in to watch TV with my hubs when suddenly a blood curdling scream comes from upstairs. My sweet L is screaming that there is something in her room. I race up the stairs as she screams that it is in her bed and she saw it. The it? A small spider that I quickly kill and show my sweet girl its dead carcass. However once a spider has been in the bed it is hard for anyone to go to sleep – much less an almost 5-year-old. So I quoted scripture with her, rocked her in her chair and sang praise songs for her, then we laid down together in her bed. I promptly fell asleep, if you can call sleeping with an active child sleep. At some point my husband came and got me up to go to bed.

That should be it right? I mean I had already had quite the day. However my sweet L and my little man still had some screams from bad dreams in store for me. I jumped out of bed at least three times to check the squealing from their bedrooms. So needless to say, I did not get this post done when I wanted. 😉

However I did learn that God is in the midst of our mistakes (killing the snake) and our little moments (spending time comforting a frightened child). He has been showing me this week that despite me, He is working. He is working when He seems to be silent. He is changing me and growing me as I wait to obediently take the next step. Whatever that step may be.

What is God doing in your life? Where is He touch and changing you? I can’t wait to hear!