Does God Really Speak to Us?

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I had already made up my mind. I knew that I knew what I wanted to do. I thought that God was on board with me. Do you see see the problem? The only thing holding me back? My husband. He said he didn’t have peace about it.

I was reluctant to give my answer. My heart wanted it so bad. I knew God had gifted me in such a way that I could do it. I wanted to do it. I wanted my husband to get out of the way, but he stood there. In the middle of the tracks saying, “I don’t have a peace about this.”

So I prayed. First I prayed that God would change my husband’s mind. I mean seriously, this was clearly God’s direction for me. I just wanted him to get out of the way. But he didn’t and so I prayed and fasted. I told God if this thing was not what He wanted me to do that He would show me what it was He wanted me to do.

As I sat on the floor in my bedroom, hungry for food and for God, I heard Him speak to me. It wasn’t audible, but it was clear none-the-less. He told me to write a book about my infertility struggles. Now that was not exactly what I wanted to hear nor was it what I wanted to do. Write a book, maybe. Write a book about my infertility struggles, not a chance. However I knew it was from God. A book was no where on my radar screen. Speaking and teaching God’s word was on my screen, but not this. Not writing a book, much less a book about my deepest darkest most painful part of my past. No, it wasn’t my way, but it was His way.

Does God speak to us? I believe the answer is clear. Yes. Through His word, through circumstances He orchestrates, as we listen to Him in prayer. He speaks. Tomorrow I will post about how to know it is God…

Since it is Tuesday we need to be listing the ways God is working in our lives right now. What has He done for you?

1. He has confirmed my calling through encouraging friends and new people I am meeting.

2. God orchestrated my crazy week to end with my in-laws in town that required us all to pause and rest at home. So thankful for rest.

3. I have an article that is being considered for publication.

4. God worked out a series of events so that I am on a list of speakers for churches in the state of Arkansas. His hand in working this situation out is no less than miraculous.

What is God doing in your life? What situation or circumstance has He directed in an amazing way? How is He working in your life? I can’t wait to hear! Join in!

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