How to Know When God is Speaking to Us

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Yesterday I shared a time when God was speaking to me. Today I want to help you determine how do you know it is God speaking?

1. God’s way takes us out of our comfort zones so that we cannot do it on our own strength. I was confident as a teacher of God’s word and a speaker. I am still not as confident about my writing. He brought me down this writing road to force me to rely on Him. (FYI I cannot spell well at all. Grammar and I are not friends. Yet this is the road God is having me travel so I must rely on Him).

2. His way is often much bigger than our way. My aim was to reach the women of my church, God’s aim was to reach a much wider audience for His glory. For some His aim may be smaller. If you are constantly thinking grand scale, He may be telling you to be faithful in the little things first.

3. God never contradicts His word. God will never call you to do something that is contrary to His word. My husband was not on board with my original plan. When I shared with him about God calling me to write a book and speak and do this blog, my husband was and continues to be my greatest supporter. God’s word tells wives to submit to their husbands, if I hadn’t submitted, I would have missed God’s calling on my life.

4. God is not wishy-washy nor uncertain. He is plain in His direction and plan. We often wonder what we should do and one day we seem to get signs to do X and the next day we get signs to do Y. Friends realize that means God is not speaking to you. God will give you a clear answer in His time. Wait to make a decision until you get His clear answer. It is ok to wait to make a decision. God may have you wait years before you make a final decision. That is ok because when it is time to make a decision, He will give you clear direction.

What are some other ways we can know it is God speaking to us? Share with me your experiences or things that have helped you know it is God and not something else.

I can’t wait to hear from you!