Slowing Down-ish


The world may be forever changed. Seriously. Two things happened this weekend that may change the way atoms react.

1. I said that Mark Cuban was gracious. FYI Mark Cuban is the owner of the Mavericks 2011 NBA CHAMPIONSHIP team. I love basketball and I lived in Dallas for a while. So the Mavs are the team I cheer for when I watch professional ball. Mark Cuban is eccentric and he likes attention. However during this post-season, he was quiet, behind the scenes. That is unusual. However when the trophy was being awarded tonight and he was given the chance to talk, he deferred. He was gracious. I have to say well done Mark Cuban. Well done.

If that isn’t enough to undo chemical reactions and change the Earth’s gravitational pull this next thing may do it for good.

2. I slowed down enough to do something I really enjoy. I walked around my yard after a short rain storm and snapped pictures. I am not the best photographer for oh so many reasons, but I got some mighty pretty shots. At least I think so. I also marveled again and God’s creation, felt the cool damp grass under my bare feet. I managed to soak my jeans and t-shirt. Oh, but it was worth it. I couldn’t believe I had ignored the beauty in my yard for so long.

Me taking pictures, walking in the wet grass barefoot, and praising God for what He made. I am surprised the Earth is still spinning in orbit.

So begins my list of things for which I am grateful.

481. Basketball…Oh I love that game

482. wet grass

483. the smell before a rain

484. The coolness of the rain

485. The dampness after the rain

486. varied flowers

487. textures and color variations of plants

488. My boy is so close to being potty trained!

489. My girl is working on keeping her thumb out of her mouth.

490. My oldest and her love for God’s word

491. Vacation Bible School is here!

492. Garage sale hopping with friends

493. Finally buying something!

494. Pilates killer work-outs

495. My husband’s laugh

496. Good friends for my kids

497. Finishing my three minute talk for She Speaks (conference I am going to in July, now I need to get my 5 min talk done)

498. Books

499. God’s precious word

500. Sweet steps of faith I see my children making

501. Fixed air conditioner

502. Wonderful time together as a family

503. My new hair style 😉 (different, but not strikingly different)

504. Spending time with friends we haven’t seen in about 3 years

505. Finishing memorizing James 3…Only 4 and 5 left 😉

What are you thankful for?