Pea Jackets


I was in the bathroom the door closed. You know getting some things worked out and having a little private time.

As a mother of three there isn’t much “private” in “private time.” So it wasn’t long before I began having conversations through the door.

Conversation with J who is potty training and on the other potty was a shouting conversation…He was “done” and wanted off the potty. I needed to “finish” so I could help him and thus a few more seconds of silence ensued.

Conversation with L was more direct. She came directly outside the bathroom door and asked if she could get dessert with her lunch. I asked the standard question, “Is your plate empty?” To which L said something about not really and was sent back to her plate to finish up so she could get her treat.

My third conversation began with E hollering, “Where are you mom.” I had to explain where I was and she came to the door to ask about dessert as well. I asked about the state of her lunch plate and she asked, “Does that include the crust of my bread?” To which I answered, “No.” Then she said it, “What about pea jackets?”

Pea jackets?! The green cover around a pea that sometimes the actual pea pops out of…Otherwise known as the skin of the pea, but E calls them pea jackets.

I was struck as I realized what was going on here.

It is a conversation I have with God regularly. Not through the bathroom door though because I am pretty sure God doesn’t have to…Well, you know.

I bargain with God over sin in my life. I can get this close to the line and still be alright, right God? I mean I know the command says, “love your neighbor as yourself,” but that doesn’t really mean that I have to be involved in other people’s lives. Right? It’s just a crust of bread or a pea jacket on my plate. Not important to really eat before I have dessert.

I quibble with God over pea jackets when God wants my heart. Yes He wants my actions, but more than that He wants my heart. My whole heart. If I were really loving God and giving Him my heart, I wouldn’t mind eating the pea jackets. I would want to do it because I love God enough to obey His rules without finding loopholes or quibbling over I did enough didn’t I?

It comes down to do I trust that God has my best interest at heart. Are God’s commands helpful and good?

I know they are. So why do I quibble about pea jackets?

Do you do the same thing? What helps prevent you from asking God about pea jackets?