How to Maintain Zeal


Zeal: enthusiasm, excitement, passion…

We, Christ-followers, are not often defined by our zeal. Unless it is passion for God’s commands or shouting at what is wrong in the world. Maybe we are zealous about the type of worship music sung, the order of the service, when the Lord’s Supper is offered. Sometimes we get excited about how we spend our finite resources or what others are wearing to church…

When was the last time we Christ-followers were zealous for Christ? I am right there with you all. Sitting in the service wondering where have all the heathens gone? Why don’t they come to church? When all the while we are not excited enough or have enough passion to reach out to those who need Him most. We pre-judge folks, assume “they” don’t want to know or need to know. We live lives of “good enough” when Christ called us to “abundance.”

Where has our zeal gone? You know that excitement and passion that comes when we first accepted Christ’s sacrifice for our sin. The passion periodically returns as we attend conferences, read books, or hear great sermons. Only the flame of passion flashes and dies  instead of enduring. Why?

Service…Romans 12:11 says, “Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.” Do you see it? To keep our fervor, to never lack zeal, we MUST serve. SERVE the LORD! Now don’t get mad at me. I didn’t say it. God did. SERVE HIM and never be lacking in zeal…

Most of you are shaking your heads right now saying, “I don’t have time.” Some of you are saying, “I already tried that and got burnt out.”

Let me tell you somethings I have to tell myself daily…

1. You have time to do what is most important to you. Consider turning off the TV or saying no to things that hinder your ability to serve God.

2. Serving is hard, but so worth it. When I am serving where God wants me to serve and using the gifts He has given me, I am passionate and more excited about Him. Some days are hard. I often want to quit, but the reward is worth it. Pray for God to reveal where He is already working and how you can join Him there.

3. Yes you can! God has given you all you need to serve Him. You have His Spirit at work in you. Obediently serve Him and you will be blessed!

What are some other things you have discovered as you serve the Lord? Does it really keep your passion alive? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

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