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My eyes darted wildly, fear etched lines in my forehead. Thoughts came one on top of the other, my skin felt incapable of holding in my heart and soul.

Desperation. We all feel it at some point – when we are cornered or found out. Perhaps our child has wandered around a corner and we cannot see him or her. Maybe debt has began to swallow you hole and you do not have enough to pay your bills. Sometimes our bodies shake and ache for food.

Desperation taints our view of reality. We become our only resource…“What do I do now? Where do I go?” Hope seems far away – a dream, not a reality.

However there is a healthy desperation. One that I pray I develop more and more desperate for – a desperation for God.

When we are desperate for God, we cling to Him and His power. We realize that only in a deep abiding relationship with Him can we hope to do anything that glorifies Him. Only in when we press into Him to be filled by Him can we pour out and into others. From the overflow of our hearts, not the emptiness. (John 15:5 “…apart from Me you can do nothing.”)

Desperation for God changes our view of the world.
Instead of impossible situations, we see God who is able.
When a diagnosis is given that may change or take life, we see God who makes all things good in His time.

When we are desperate for God we hunger for Him above what our longings for an easy life, healthy kids, babies of our own, paid bills. Oh that my life would be marked by desperation for God.

Are you desperate for God? What do you do to keep yourself hungering for more?

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