Splinter in the Hand: A Tale of Healing


It was stuck fast and it hurt. The tiny brown sliver was protruding from my daughter’s hand. Tears welled up in her eyes as she jerked her hand away.

Noooooo, Mooommmyyyy. Don’t touch it. It hurts!” she shrieked at me.

Every time I attempted to hold her hand so I could look, she screamed before I could even see it. Finally I convinced her that the pain of leaving it in would be worse than the pain of removing the splinter. So she held still, but continued to wail as I barely touched the protruding splinter with my tweezers. She screamed loudest as I went towards the splinter, but was oddly still when I actually got it out. Her fear was worse than the actual removal of the splinter.

Then it hit me. My fear of what God will have me do when I lay my heart open and bare before Him is worse than the healing itself. Maybe that is why Jesus asked the paralyzed man, “Do you want to get well?” (John 5:6)

Healing is painful, it comes at a price, but it is worth the price. The alternative is worse, but the work to be healed does take sacrifice.

Are you willing to get well? I pray that we all are.

Father God help us to lay bare our souls to You. So that we can get well from bitterness, jealousy, envy, anger, discord, lust. Father free us from our fear of the healing process. Bring us close to You so we do not have to live in sin any longer. Thank You for loving us! In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

If you need a prayer for healing please leave a comment or e-mail me. I would love to pray for you. You do not need to tell me specifics. God knows.