How to Not Go Crazy


Two weekends ago I had a sweet family of 5 come to visit. We had a great time.

This past weekend I had my sisters, brother, and parents come. That is 13 more people than normal. We had a wild fun time.

Then yesterday I had a surprise over-night visit from my cousin and his wonderful family. I hadn’t seen them in nearly five years. We had a great time of catching up.

How did I do it without going crazy?

1. My house isn’t sparkling ever. So why try to pretend it is? Did I try to clean up most of the clutter? yes. Did I get freaked and wig out. No. Why because I don’t do pretenses well anyway. My house is not perfectly picked up or even mostly organized most days. Seriously. I got lots done, but still had lots to do and I didn’t care. Neither did my guests.

2. If I am having fun most often my guests are having fun. I enjoyed the cooking and LOVED the help with the clean-up. I enjoyed watching the kids play together and catching a movie or two with the adults. I played outside to the point of near sun-stroke. (Not really, but I spent A LOT of time out in the heat and had A LOT of fun)

3. I focused on the people, not on my house or my food or anything else. I had ideas and plans, but if they worked great if not great. I was flexible and so were my guests. It worked well.

4. I prayed God would show me what to do and what to say and when. He poured out grace on me and our guests. I am pretty sure I have never had such a great time being a host.

What are some of your tips for not going nuts before and during times you have guests over? I can’t wait to hear from you.

Romans 12:13b “Practice hospitality.”