God’s Call

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I have felt it for a while now.

This call from God. This thing in my life that gives meaning and light to all of life.

I wrote about it once on a folded piece of paper. It must be at least eight years old. It says:

“I LOVE to sing. I feel Your pleasure when I sing. I LOVE to write. I feel Your pleasure when I have written a poem or thought and get it just right! I LOVE to share my experiences and our relationship with others to encourage and build them up. I feel a call. To what purpose, I am not sure, but I feel it. Lord, open my eyes to Your plan for me. Show me the doors You have open for me. Help me keep my eyes focused on You that I may not lose my first love. Help me discipline myself that I may spend time daily with You. Teach me to listen.”

God’s call. He marked me off as different, put passions and dreams in my heart. Each step of faith I take I wonder if I heard God’s call right. I question myself, “Am I crazy?” I consider quitting. This call thing isn’t easy.

Though each step I take God confirms. He reminds me of past prayers and dreams. He sends others to encourage and walk beside me. He humbles and trains me. Through the process He qualifies me.

Me, the girl whose heart nearly beat out of her chest when she had to speak in front of her class in high school. The girl who almost missed grace and was a stumbling block for many people. I still battle control issues, anger, frustration, selfish ambition. Yet somehow God’s call is still strong. He doesn’t call me because I am perfect and never mess up. In His grace He uses me – sinful, prideful, silly, control-freak me.

I am humbled and honored that He does.

What is God calling you to do? Know that His call is bigger than you, but through Him you can answer it.

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