I procrastinate. I get busy and I forget. No I haven’t left a kid anywhere yet.

More often than I like to admit I am forced to do things last-minute. What is hilarious about my most recent last-minute episode is that I was actually ahead of the game on so many other things.

  • I finished my book proposal and had it in folders ready to go nearly a week before I was leaving for my conference.
  • I finished my pitch, and two talks six days prior to leaving. I am still polishing those talks, but that is what I do. I just polish and work until I have to use them.
  • In fact, I packed my clothes and several other things about four days before I leave.


I forgot my girls were starting dance class on Monday and I hadn’t paid the registration fee.

On Sunday night I got an e-mail that there was still room in the class. WHEW! Praise God.

Then I realized I had no idea what they were to wear and shoes…Well, I didn’t think about them until about noon on Monday. The class started that evening.

I discovered we had attire down pat, but not so much in the shoe department. I found some “appropriate shoes” that were worn out and about a size or more too small.

Desperate, I loaded myself and three kids into my van at 5 PM (class starts at 6 PM). Yes, the worse hour for child behavior on the planet. I know I set them up for failure…At least it was after naps and snack though…We went to Payless in the mall.

Before we even get inside I discussed the finer points of how we are to treat each other, that we need to look both ways, hold hands, walk closer…WATCH OUT FOR THAT…CAR! No, nobody got hurt. Thank You Lord!

Then we get in the mall and I explain that we need to use indoor voices and no we are not getting the “car” stroller because I don’t have the cash. Which promptly changes into a conversation in outdoor volume about how we don’t have any money. Flustered, I hustle my three precious ones into Payless. It was only the third store from the door.

I felt like a cat herder trying on shoes for the girls. Buying some shoes for the boy because he didn’t need to feel left out and he needed new shoes anyway. After asking my little man to put the spiderman umbrella away for what felt like the thousandth time, I finally paid. The poor saleslady laughed when I told her that my last-minute tendencies were a joy for all involved, including her.  As I finished up paying, I got a phone call from my lovely husband.

Herding children from the shoe store to the car with a phone in one hand and bag in the other is no simple task. I ended my conversation with my hubs quickly and made it to the car without any major tragedies.


Last minute stuff stresses me OUT! Seriously stresses me out. So why do I procrastinate and wait? Why do I “forget?” Any suggestions? I like to think I have brain cells devoted to each of my children and so I cannot possibly keep up. No, it isn’t that I am getting older. I represent…I mean resent that remark. Yes I write things down, print things out…Put things on calendar. Somehow time moves faster than it used to. I am sure that a minute is more like thirty seconds was when I was younger…No?

SIGH. Can you share some of your last-minute stories to help me feel “normal?” Thanks!