I Need More of Him…Will You Pray with Me?


Tomorrow is the day.

I will put on my business casual attire and walk into a room with a literary agent and tell her about the book I am writing.

I will also meet hundreds of women all longing to use their gifts and talents to honor God.

I will present a three-minute talk in order to be critiqued. (Yes, maybe I am crazy, but I long to be critiqued)

I will learn information about writing better, speaking better, and relating better.

I will pray with and for many women. Pray that God’s Spirit will have His way with us.

Today I get on a plane.

I will miss my family and friends, but I will be meeting my Savior.

Will you pray that I will remember I am, but a vessel for Our God to use?

Pray for travel connections and mercies.

Pray that I will not compare and contrast, but build-up and encourage.

Pray that I will have a teachable heart and ears that are attentive to His Word for me.

Pray that I will boldly speak when God opens doors and I will actively listen when it is time.

Pray that I remember I must decrease and He must increase.

Thanks. What can I pray for you?