Giving Thanks


I got home last night after 10 PM and I my body felt tired, but my mind was full of all kinds of God-stories that happened during the weekend. My sweet husband listened as I poured out story after story. I plan to tell you about how God worked in this conference over the next few weeks. For today I want to continuing counting my thanks…

481. Three precious kids

482. One supportive loving encouraging husband

483. Friends who bathe me in prayer

484. Meeting new friends who feel like old friends

485. Divine appointments on the way to the airport

486. The gift of encouragement

487. My bed

488. Feeling rested despite the few hours of actual sleep

489. Being able to send text movies so I could see my kids while away

490. My husband kept the house clean while I was gone

491. Coffee

492. The sounds of life in my house

493. God ordained meetings during my conference

494. God given words at the right time

495. The feel of my husband’s hand

496. The smell of my kids after a bath

497. Three voices saying, “We love you Mommy!”

498. The sparkle in my husband’s eye

499. Grace when I stumble

500. God’s still small voice saying this is the way walk in it

501. Journeys I would never have chosen, but now would never not walk

502. Increasing hunger for Him

503. The sound of my husband’s voice

504. Airplanes that make travel so much quicker

505. Sweet women with hearts of service

506. A heavenly boldness when my heart wants to be timid