When You Go God’s Way Part I


“We are driving three vans and the next shuttle should be here in about fifteen minutes,” his words reassured me and about five other women who did not fit on his van.

We walked back into the hotel to wait in the cool air-conditioning and waited. We had just attended Proverbs 31 ministries She Speaks conference and were ready to head home to our families. As we waited more and more women joined us. The vast majority of these women had flights prior to mine.

Fifteen minutes pasted…Twenty minutes…Thirty minutes…I began calculating how long I could wait to get to the airport and make my flight on time, what if I didn’t make it the airport, what if someone else missed their flight, how do I know I am making the right choice….My shoulders tightened and my heartbeat began to race. I want to go home. I sent a quick text to some praying friends asking them to pray that we would all make it to the airport on time.

After about an hour of waiting we discovered, thanks to the internet, that two accidents were blocking traffic on the interstate between the hotel and the airport. I decided for my own sanity, racing mind and heart to get out of line for the shuttle and get a taxi.

I told a few friends who were around me and went to find the bellman. As I waited in line (do you see this waiting theme), a friend (Miranda) who drove to the conference was heading out. I asked her if she had time to take me to the airport and I mentioned the shuttle issues. She didn’t think she could because she had to get to church later that night. I told her not to worry, I would get a taxi.

As I turned around a sweet girl from the conference was standing right next to me. She would share the price of the taxi with me. Praise God! The bellman then told me they had a town car service that would be cheaper than taxi service to the airport. EVEN BETTER! I gave him my name and headed out to wait for the car.

As my new friend Melody and I walk out the door to wait for the town car, my other friend drives up. Miranda and her friend Kim had put the airport in her Garmin and the airport wasn’t out of the way after all. She offered me a ride, but I didn’t want to leave Melody in the lurch. Miranda offered to take her to the airport as well and figured out how to fit ALL our stuff in her car.

As I am walking inside to cancel the town car, two more sweet ladies from the conference come over and they need a ride to the airport. So we, these two newest friends and I, find the bellman and change the town car to their names instead of my name. I jump in Miranda’s car and head to the airport. But the story gets even BETTER.

Check out the rest tomorrow! 😉

Isaiah 26:8 “Yes, LORD, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; your name and renown are the desire of our hearts.

Father help us as we wait to make Your name and Your renown the desire of our hearts. When we do so Lord use the waiting to make us more like You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Does anyone out there like waiting? Do you have a waiting story you would like to share? I can’t wait to hear it!