My Husband, My Love


Just a smile from him and my knees go weak.

He holds my hand and I lose my breath.

He still makes my heart go pitter-patter.

His voice calm and firm is the harmony that enriches my life song.

I am better because of Him.

He is God’s precious gift to me.

My husband, my soul-mate, my beloved.

I do not know why God chose him for me.

I am so grateful He did.

So I continue counting the gifts God gives to me…

507. Rain on a crazy hot summer day

508. Three wild healthy kids

509. Wildly supportive husband

510. God ordained opportunities

511. God the healer

512. God the Savior

513. God the Redeemer

514. Swimming lessons

515. Quiet times in the house

516. Three children playing together – they are best friends

517. Praying friends

518. Supportive church family

519. God uses the hard and broken to make me beautiful

520. When I stumble He catches me

521. The look in my husband’s eye

522. My husband’s smile

523. Poo poo in the potty…not in the underwear

524. Food in my pantry

525. A house that is more than enough so I can share

526. Memories made while sharing my house

527. Laughter

528. Air-conditioning

529. My dishwasher

530. My garbage disposal

531. Our vehicles

532. Partners in ministry

533. Stillness after my blessings go to bed

534. A certain God in uncertain times

535. Little voices needing me

536. Cereal on the floor

537. My bed

538. Fire Hot Tamales (candy)

539. Chocolate from Kopper Kettle Kandies

540. Supportive Friends