How Big is Your God?


Is your God easily understood?

Does He fit in your preconceived ideas and work how you expect Him to?

Is He scary?

Is He just?

Is He deep? If you had all eternity to get to know Him would it be enough?

Does He love you, even the you that nobody else knows?

Does He know you, the you that you barely know?

Is your God involved in this world, your life?

Is He able?

What if God is bigger than we live like He is?

What if we acted like His ways are beyond knowing?

What if we trusted Him despite not understanding Him?

What would it look like if we really feared God?

How would our reactions and responses change if we lived life in view of God’s justice?

How would our lives be changed if we lived like God was not boring or one dimensional? What if we acted like eternity is not enough time to know Him?

If we actually knew and felt God’s love for us – His deep, faithful, abiding love – what would we do that we are too fearful to do now?

How would life be changed if we trusted that God who knows us would not allow anything into our lives that would not grow us closer to Him?

What would our faith look like if we lived with the view that God is ABLE?

What do you think?