How to Love People

We are all fallen broken people.

We bump into each others’ broken places causing pain, anger, frustration.

Sometimes the brokenness itself results in angry outbursts or criminal behavior. Other times the brokenness manifests as promiscuity or extreme shyness. It is what we do with our brokenness that can make us hard to love.

Oh but it is our brokenness that should cause us all to take a second look.

The road hog who just cut you off may be struggling with a broken marriage.

The mom struggling to stay sober and keep her kids in line may be dealing with the horrors of sexual abuse.

The business man knocking people out of the way as he climbs the ladder of success may be haunted by a father who was never satisfied with him.

The sullen co-worker who barely looks at you much less talks to you may be struggling with infertility and cannot stand to look at the pictures of your kids one more time.

The bleary eyed doctor who is short with a question you asked may have been called five times throughout the night to take care of hospital patients.

None of these situations gives the person freedom act or react in anger, but when we see people as broken with pasts and presents our hearts can begin to soften.

When we remember we are broken and only by God’s grace are we saved, then is when we can truly love. It isn’t love as we humans understand it. That feeling that comes and goes on a whim. No it is God’s love, deep, abiding. Love that remains regardless if it is reciprocated. Love that sees beyond the poor choices and poor behavior and grieves for that person. Love that mourns when someone dies without knowing our Lord Jesus.

This is the kind of love that God gives us for others. It isn’t natural. It is often hard-fought. Will you pray with me that God gives us eyes to see the brokenness and hearts to desire to love the person beyond?

What helps you to love those who are difficult to love? Join in!