Something Free for You…And A Guest Post


Today I have the privilege of being featured on Encouragement Cafe. If you are interested in my “Labor Day” post (and I mean child-birthing labor, but from an infertile view) please visit their site by clicking here.

Welcome to any of you visiting from Encouragement Cafe and my regular blog friends. Thank you so much for stopping by.

I have something so very cool and so very free for you today only!!!!! WOO HOO!

I love free stuff and if it is COOL it is WAY better….So here is the scoop.

My friend Jessica Kirkland…Here is her picture:

She wrote and had developed a Christian Children’s Book app for the I-Pad. It is super cool.

Picture this:

You are trying to get your weary children in bed. You turn on the night light and turn off the lights. Suddenly there are tears and weeping and gnashing of teeth. (Please tell me I am not the only one experiencing this)

Your child is afraid…of the dark…or spiders (one of my kiddos found a large brown spider in her bed one night)…of monsters (I used to have a bad dream about the Incredible Hulk)…

Anyway, if your kids are facing fear her book app is for you! It is called The Sounds of Night. It addresses fear from a Godly perspective, is fun and interactive, AND has Bible verse for you to read together. The app is so cool that it can even read the book to your child or you can read it to them. AND for TODAY ONLY it is FREE! Don’t believe me? Ok, I may not be the sultan of cool, but check out her app trailer, maybe it will convince you:


Now I hope you are super excited…Click HERE to get your app for FREE…..Then would you tweet, blog, facebook, call, and tell everyone you know about how cool this app is?

Just so you know, I am not getting anything for telling you about this app at all. It is just SUPER cool and a GREAT resource! I hope you think so too!

Happy Monday EVERYONE!