Biblical Thinking

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I am a thinker. I do not believe that makes me special or even different per se, it is just a fact.

Thinking means I like to ponder and meditate. I think about random things and wonder about things like:

  • Did God really create the world in six 24 hour days or in six fixed periods of time (so the world could be billions of years old if the Hebrew word “yom” translated “day” could also be translated “a fixed time with a beginning and an end”)?
  • Where is Eden? Are there still angels guarding it here on Earth and we just do not have the eyes to see it?
  • How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

You know stuff. I also wonder about the thinking of people today…I wonder if we are truly allowing God to renew our minds or if we are clinging to our own thinking. Are we really willing to look to God’s word for our moral compass, our worldview, our depth of wisdom? Or are we holding so tightly to what we think “Our God” would do that we miss what God has already told us?

The Barna Research is startling. Only 19% of born again Christians have a Biblical Worldview. How can we think like God or develop a Godly worldview if we do not know Him? How can we know Him if we do not read His word?

We fail to realize that God’s word is active and living. Each time we dig into His word even into stories we have read or heard thousands of times before there is something new and fresh God can teach us.

We only have to have teachable hearts. Hearts that love God and through that love see His word as a love letter to us. Then His word becomes a feast for our hearts and souls. God opens our hearts and minds to Him more and more as we dig deeper and deeper into Him.

Friends may I encourage you to become a God-Thinker. Someone who digs into God’s word and allows His word to direct your thinking, set your moral compass, and color your worldview. It is this type of renewing of our minds that God can use to transform our lives (Romans 12:2).

What do you think? Are we really becoming biblical illiterate? If so do you think it matters? Why or why not?