Friday Funny…

Back on Monday I told you all that God was GROWING me.  My year of growth has me growing much differently than I ever anticipated. God is doing His thing His way AGAIN!

So this girl who loves college basketball and football of any sort is now an assistant coach for my daughter’s third grade cheer squad. Yes me…The one who wears sweats all day and may or may not take a shower and is likely to not bother with make-up. {I promise I don’t stink, much}

So do you know what I will be doing at 8 AM this morning? I will be participating in a PEP RALLY. That’s a new one for me.

Yes as third assistant coach, I am the only one comfortable with holding a microphone. So I have the honor to introduce the cheer squad. Ironically, I have not been to a pep rally since high school (no I won’t tell you how long ago that was, but it was less than 20 years ago).

Just saying that it is dangerous to hand me a microphone…Seriously dangerous.

Pray I don’t embarrass my daughter.

I’ll try to get you some audio along with the reactions of said daughter. It should be pretty funny….or a disaster…one of the other…I’ll keep you posted.



The pep rally went off well. We had a GREAT time. I don’t think I embarrassed my daughter at all…Two things…

1. I forgot to announce the coaches…Yep looked like I had more to do with the team than I really did. Oops…I just FORGOT!

2. This is really bad. After the rally was over I started sending the girls to get dressed, but someone wanted pictures. So my daughter and one other didn’t get in the picture…Mostly because they had obeyed right away. Yep I still feel terrible about it. Mistakes happen…but I can’t change it…I messed up. UGH!

Disaster…no, but I still found a way to flub up. So glad that God gives grace and praying my daughter and her friend can forgive me.