I Can’t Do it Alone Part II

On Tuesday I wrote about how I can’t do things alone…Click here to read it.

Like hang organizers on the wall, sing four-part harmony, live the Christian life, and keep my house clean (yes I pay someone to help me)…

What I didn’t realize is that so often I fail to ask you all for help…Yes you my sweet wonderful readers whom I love and appreciate. God is why I write, but you are who are I write for…I want to encourage, bless, challenge, and draw you closer to God. Whether it is 1, 30, or 45,300,542 readers I want to faithfully to share the messages God is teaching me with you all.

What is also true is that I am writing a book to offer encouragement, hope, and direction for women facing infertility. In order to get a book deal I need a platform that reaches about 1,000 or more folks – a growing platform. So I write a blog, I speak, I am working on writing articles, I guest post, and now I am asking you to help me…

How can you help?

First if you like my blog tell others. Either through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, or just in every day conversation.

Next when you read a post you especially like share it. HOW? Under each post are little icons one looks like an envelope, another like the Facebook F, and the final one looks like a Twitter T. Click on one of those icons to share the post. It makes it easy to share with your Facebook, twitter, or e-mail peeps.

Consider signing up for my posts through e-mail, on networked blogs, or through an RSS reader like Google etc. HOW? For e-mail go to the right-hand column and under my picture you enter your e-mail address. You will then receive an e-mail that you must click a link on to activate your subscription. For networked blogs through Facebook click on the follow button in the networked blog badge in the right-hand column. For the RSS reader click on the orange RSS icon under my picture on the right-hand column and choose which reader you want to read my feed from.

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Finally comment on my posts. I LOVE comments and comments help google and other search engines to sit-up and take notice of my little spot of cyber space.

So can you help me? I hope and pray what I do here helps and encourages you. How can I pray for you today?

Blessings to you all friends!