Can Anyone Not Sin for a Whole Day?


My eight-year-old asks lots of questions.

Questions to which I do not know the answer.

Questions whose answers are difficult for me to frame answers for much less an eight-year-old.

It shouldn’t have surprised me when she asked me, “Can anyone not sin for a whole day?”

But it did surprise me.

My mind raced…

No one can go a whole day without sinning…

Unless he or she allowed the Spirit of God complete control. Is that possible? And if it isn’t what does that mean?

The sin I cling to and pretend doesn’t matter, isn’t that the same sin that sent Jesus to the cross?

I desperately need a Savior, because every day I sin. I sin in word, deed, attitude. Isn’t it true that God wants our hearts even more than our actions? How often is my attitude the source of my sin?

Why would Jesus die for the likes of me – a hopeless helpless sinner? One who forgets the weight of my sin so quickly, who acts like He didn’t have to die that I might live.

Oh, but He does love me and He did die for me. I am in awe of Him.

“No, E probably not,” I finally said. “But it would only be possible with God helping us. That is why Jesus died for us.”

My answer didn’t seem enough, but E was satisfied. Her question though continues to haunt me.

Jesus calls us to holiness as He is holy. He gave us His Spirit to live in us. So why don’t we choose to live by the Spirit instead of by our flesh. It is a second by second battle for me – the battle to slay my flesh and live by His Spirit.

Oh how I long to leave this sinful part behind and be freed to live by His Spirit without the battle. Won’t heaven for that reason alone be grand. The war is over and the victory secure and we are freed to worship always. But Jesus already won the battle, he secured the victory. Oh to live in that victory minute by minute. Yet He has lavished us with grace that we are not condemned by this battle, but strengthened when we put our faith in Him.

So I ask you…Can anyone not sin for a whole day? What do you think?

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