Pride and Predjudice and Sin

Did I ever mention that I love Jane Austen? I have read many of her books several times. I love the movies based on her books. I think the best portrayal of Pride and Prejudice is the A&E/BBC mini-series starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. I have seen that mini-series so many times I can nearly quote all the lines. Maybe it is a sickness, but I love it.

I love the accents, dress, manners, language, and the story. Alright, I am sick, but it is literature…sort of…

Each time I read the book or watch this mini-series I am struck by something Mr. Bennet says. He allows his youngest daughter, Lydia, to go and stay with friends even though Elizabeth warns him against the idea. While away Lydia runs off with a man thus smearing her reputation and the family name.

Mr. Bennet says, “…let me once in my life feel how much I have been to blame. I am not afraid of being overpowered by the impression. It will pass soon enough.”

Is that the same way we are about our sin? Do we lose sight of the true weight of them? Do we forget too easily how much we have been to blame? Are we too comfortable with the cross? Do we need to spend time pondering the price Christ paid? Shouldn’t the fact that Jesus died for us bring about a sense of awe, gratitude, and an awareness of our depravity?

Do we forget the depths from which we were saved?

I realize there is the other side of the coin. I am apt to be too hard on myself at times. I forget that there is now no condemnation. But all too often I miss the truth. I act as if my sin is not worthy of hell.

May we never forget that we need grace and that we have grace available because of the price Christ paid.

How about you? Are you too hard on yourself or not hard enough? Let me know what you think.


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