I Was Brave…Once or Twice

My heart clenches as it rapidly pumps blood. Suddenly it drops to my stomach and my thoughts start spinning. My thoughts spin so wildly I wonder why the world is steady.

Fear. It grips tight and it is a battle to break free.

Most people would look at my life and what I do and think that fear doesn’t mark me or haunt me. They are wrong.

I say the hard things when no one else will say them. I stand up and do the hard things in obedience to Him.

This isn’t bravery. It is a choice. A choice to obey rather than whine, to seek joy and gratitude rather than compare my life with others.

Is it really brave to obey and cling to a God who is able to do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine? Is it brave to cling to God even when this God who has plans for my life brings difficult things?

Instead it is trust. Trust in a God big enough to do anything, but does things so contrary to what we think is best. Yet He warns us that His ways are not our ways. It is as if we think God should be easily figured out, but how could a God so big and able and knowing and loving ever be figured out by the likes of us.

It is as if we expect kindergarteners to understand physics. They can’t and neither can we understand God.

But understanding isn’t necessary – trust is. Bravery isn’t what we need, no a bigger view of God is what we need.

What do you think? Is bravery necessary for the Christian walk or is it trust? I can’t wait to hear what you think.


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