I Thought I had it Figured Out


I have a natural revulsion to things I just don’t enjoy doing…

Laundry, dishes, paying bills…

Ugh. (Although I am grateful we have money to pay bills, food to dirty dishes, and clothes to get dirty.)

This weekend I buckled down, paid bills, washed dishes, and did a little laundry (but it isn’t put away yet). I even got the school lunch made the night before.

I knew I was ready for this morning.

I even woke up on time, worked-out, and read my Bible. The kids did great getting ready. They were down eating breakfast in record time.

“Mommy, is it Dad’s and Donuts today?” E looked up at me.

“Yes, you all need to leave now.”

In the hustle and bustle of getting dad and two girls out the door my husband mentioned that he needed to take my van.

“Why?” I knitted my brow.

“Aren’t you taking into the shop today?”

My eyes widened. “Y-es.”

Suddenly I was transported back to the conversation I had with the service guy on Thursday. Yes, I scheduled the service. I scheduled it at 8:00 AM…My heart rate doubled. My son has to go to school at 9 AM…The service is likely to take a few hours…How…

“Ang, can you get the trash together for me so I can take it to the curb?”

“Just go hon. You need to go. I have it. I’ll take the trash out.” My heart clenched, shoulders tightened, and mind raced. “How am I going to get J to school?”

When I confirmed I was to spend my morning at the car dealership instead of buying groceries and taking my son to school, I called a friend.

Praise God for friends. She graciously drove way out of her way to get my J and take him to school with her D.

“Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.” Proverbs 19:21

“If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!” Ecclesiastes 4:10

My lack of checking the calendar created my problems, but God’s purpose prevails. He knew this morning would go crazy and my heart and muscles would squeeze tight. God knew my husband would be concerned about getting to his patients while driving to Dad’s and donuts. God planned that my husband have a great time creating memories with our girls. God planned that my friend help me again. God reminded me that I will never have it figured out, but that is OK because He does.

Have you had your plans blow up only to see God’s purpose prevail? Would you share with me?