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I lost my sunglasses–my new pair of sunglasses.

My sunglasses case mocked me from the bottom of my purse.

“You can’t find your hat, your bracelet, and now your sunglasses. Come on Angela,” I thought. “How can you expect to take care of three kids, a husband, a house if you cannot keep up with a simple pair of sunglasses.?”

I searched my house, my car, my purse. I shook my sunglasses case, but I could not find my sunglasses.

I felt like a failure. I realize they are only sunglasses, but I couldn’t shake the feeling. So yesterday when I resumed my sunglasses search I went back to my sunglasses case. When I shook it there was still no noise, but this time I actually opened the case. There in the case where they belonged were my sunglasses.

For nearly two weeks I carried around what I was looking for in my purse. I wore old pairs of sunglasses nearly broken, I went without sunglasses. All because I didn’t open my sunglasses case.

God often works the same way in our lives. We look for Him or His direction every where, but where He is. We look for Him to give us the job we want when He is providing for us in a different way. We search for God’s direction when He is telling us to persevere where we are. We cannot see how God could work in a broken relationship or a difficult situation and He is patiently pointing the way to forgiveness and reconciliation.

Why then do we walk around for weeks, months, years carrying around what we need, but not accessing it? We must allow God to fill us with His Spirit. His Spirit lives in us. So why do we carry God’s Spirit around in us, maybe even shaking it a few times, but decide what we need isn’t there?

“The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you.” Romans 8:11a

Since God’s Spirit lives in us, we have all we need. We just have to look to His Spirit who lives in us. Let’s not only jiggle yur faith around and decide it isn’t going to work. If the Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead lives in us, we have all we need. Feed the fire of His Spirit. Pray. Seek Him. He will give us direction, He will give us victory either on earth or in heaven. His Spirit lives in us all!

Praise God!

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