He Didn’t Have to But He Did


Jesus stood near the water. He had been teaching for a long time and it was getting dark. His disciples urged Jesus to send the crowds away so that they could get dinner. But Jesus tells them, “You give them something to eat.” Mark 6:37a

He wanted his disciples to be involved in something beyond them–something they could never do of themselves. Jesus invited them to be a part of a miracle.

He invites us too.

He tells us to give money to that food bank and thus we help provide food for hungry families. He encourages us to sponsor that child through Compassion or World Vision and we get to be part of the miracle of education, clothing, and food for that child. He pulls at our hearts to pray for someone, smile at someone, pay for someone’s lunch little moments that are miracles. Moments that matter for eternity.

He calls us all to go and make disciples. We have the privilege of leading others to know Jesus–the miracle of salvation.

God could do all these miracles of provision, salvation, protection without us, but He wants us to partner with Him. He wants us to serve Him in something that matters for eternity.

When we teach Sunday School to two-year-old children or eighty-year-old adults. What we do matters. When we wipe noses, wash hands, change diapers in the nursery or at home, we show God’s love–His miracle of grace. It matters.

He doesn’t need us to partner with Him, but He wants us to partner with Him. Isn’t that amazing?

What are you doing to partner with God? I can’t wait to hear!